Dani Shapiro on Memoir



With our Memoir Workshop coming up on Tuesday, August 26th, we thought it timely to share to Dani Shapiro’s reflections in “A Memoir Is Not a Status Update.”

In the essay, Shapiro talks about the era of living our lives out loud online, in various social media outlets, and the impact this has on the memoirist’s need to let the pressure of what’s concealed explode inside of us. It is this explosion, she posits, that allows us to craft a story of our own lives, to make sense of our story, and to find it’s universal thread and connection to the rest of humanity.

It’s a beautiful essay, and for the memoirist out there, a must read.

Question: when’s the last time you let the difficult stir inside of you, before sharing it with the world at your fingertips?


Happy Reading!


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