Critique Workshop – Los Angeles

Critique Workshop – Los Angeles

Works-in-Progress: Critique and Support

A Feedback-Oriented Writing Workshop

Every Other Sunday

Writing can be a lonely process. And yet we’re not writing just for ourselves–we’re writing to connect. This workshop is a place to forge those connections and to find readers, inspiration, and motivation. It is for anyone seeking feedback, to learn to see their work with fresh eyes, and an encouraging writing community.

This workshop is open to all writers of any level, writing in any genre: fiction (short stories, novels, scenes), memoir, creative nonfiction, essays, poetry, or screenplays. No matter what stage of the drafting process you’re in, you’ll benefit from a writing community.

When we view our writing through someone else’s eyes, it takes on new meaning and dimension. A group workshop provides the chance to challenge ourselves to make sure we are communicating our intentions clearly, to brainstorm new ideas, and to learn from each other’s writing. In this group, you’ll also learn to provide constructive feedback.

  • Receive feedback on the level of your choosing.
  • Find motivation.
  • Gain new craft tools to make your work shine.
  • Create deadlines.
  • Fall back in love with your work if you’re feeling defeated or tired.
  • Get writerly inspiration.
  • Build community and find camaraderie with writers going through the same struggles.
  • Get your craft questions answered.
  • Polish your writing.
  • Learn the language to provide other writers with appropriate and constructive feedback.

Each meeting, you’ll bring in 800 words from a work-in-progress. You’ll hand out copies and read your work aloud. Then your fellow writers will read silently and offer feedback. We’ll discuss what is working and what can be improved. The feedback will help you dive deeper into character, hone dialogue and subtext, investigate theme, and focus plot.

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We are located in West Hollywood, California and run groups throughout the Los Angeles area.

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