Creative Entrepreneurism

I love this story in Friday’s LA Times about a woman who types up poetry on demand for customers.  In return, she asks for donations.  I admire anyone who can turn their passion into income AND touch other people at the same time.  How fantastically enterprising.  And creative.

Her story got my mind buzzing about creative entrepreneurism.  I’m excited by the notion that we can take the thing we like to do most, and turn it into a way to make money.  Her venture conjured up romantic images of Picasso and Monet selling their work on Parisian streets.  Are you good at drawing edgy smiley faces?  Why not sit on a corner and draw for people your smiley faces with personalized inspirational sayings, a sort of live-action Pinterest®.  Everyone on that site seems to love inspirational quotes.  As a hobby, I make journals.  I suppose I could have people send me requests for custom journal covers.  Here’s another idea: Help people write old-fashioned snail-mail love letters.   What a romantic way to make money!  Do you love to make cookies?  Then bake up a batch, wrap them up, attach inspirational sayings, and sell them to creatively-starved office workers.  Call it “Modern Fortunes.”

There are so many ways to make money, and every source of income adds up.   It’s fun to dream this stuff up.  Do some creative brainstorming and then log it in as a fun thing to do one weekend or a way to get the money to buy yourself that thing you’ve been wanting to get for yourself for so long.

I hope her story inspires you as much as she inspired me.

I do want to know why she has the word TOPS tattooed on her fingers though.

If you do some brainstorm, let us know what you come up with.  If you have a creative venture like hers?  Let us know in the comments!

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