Cartier Street Review Seeks Poetry, Short Story Submissions

The Cartier Street Review is a literary and art magazine seeking poetry, short story submissions and jpgs of original art. We accept previously published works and simultaneous submissions. Below are our publishing rules.

Submission Rules

1. Write your last name in the subject line and the type submission, for example, poetry or art in an email to tip us off what you are sending. Address the submission to VioletwritesATgmailDOTcom

2. Provide a greeting. “Hello” or “Dear Editor” works great.

3. Include a very short bio. For example, “I am John or Jane Poet”. Wow, that’s easy!

4. Thank the people you are sending your submission to for taking the time to read it.

5. Add a closing salutation with a name at the end. “Sincerely, John and/or Jane Artist”.

6. Send as a Microsoft word attachment, open office attachment or copy into the body of the email.

7. Don’t send more than 4 pieces maximum.

8. We accept previously published works as long as you, (the author) maintain publishing rights.

9. You can try this out and we’ll consider your pieces for publishing. Or you can say, “Forget that!” in which case we wish you luck!

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