Call for Submissions (Writers, Poets, Artists, Illustrators) – Rollick Magazine

Rollick Magazine is an independent online magazine, publishing contemporary literature, thought, and art about popular culture, society, and everything on the periphery. We are seeking submissions from contemporary writers, thinkers, poets, artists, and creators on the theme of “Modern Ingenue”. We are set to launch on 30 March 2015, and have opened up submissions in anticipation of this exciting launch date! If you would like to be published in Rollick Magazine, check out our website at to see our submissions guidelines. Any questions or submissions can be sent to You can send in essays, poems, short stories, memoirs, confessionals, experimental writing, post cards, reviews (of film, music, tv, theatre), satire, and anything else you like. Our mandate is to attract cutting-edge, quality content that inspires real engagement. A monetary prize of $250 will be awarded to the most popular post for this issue.


LAWG has no relationship or affiliation with, nor control of, the poster nor is LAWG responsible for the accuracy of the information presented or for any outcome resulting from contact between our members and the poster. LAWG posts this call/information as a courtesy to our members only. 

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