Books and Stories from Childhood Revisited


n-HARRIET-large300Some of us have fond memories of our favorite children’s books and stories.  We loved these stories. They made us cry, and they made us laugh. And sometimes, whether they were the perfect excuses for delaying sleep, or getting extra cuddle time, we usually made the adults in our lives read these stories over and over, and over again.

But what if we can carry these stories with us throughout our lives? What if the meanings of the stories of changed to match the oftentimes harsher realities of adulthood? Or if the meanings remained the same, and somehow provided the political commentary we adults crave in literature and in the arts.

For fun, check out this Buzzfeed article, “16 Classic Children’s Books Told for Adults” and this Huffington Post article, “Classic Childhood Books That Grow With You.” Find out if some of your favorite stories mirror what you know of the world today.

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