The Big Brick Review First Annual Essay Contest

CARRYING FORWARD THE TORCH of Tiny Lights–A Journal of Personal Narrative, The Big Brick Review is a new nonfiction journal seeking personal essays to build on the narrative of our lives, one brick at a time, finding new insight to old struggles…old insight to new struggles…and all shades-of-gray in between. For 2015, the contest theme is loosely based on the concept of ‘building,’ which authors can interpret as creatively as they choose (it’s a noun! it’s a verb!). Essays must be narrative non-fiction (that is, they must explore a truth of a human experience as interpreted/experienced by the author) and will be judged on overall strength of writing, compelling content/theme, and interesting style/voice. Submissions due February 17, 2015. Contest judges include authors Georgia Beers, Susan Bono, Gregory Gerard, Sonja Livingston, and Alison Smith. To read our published essays to date and for the essay contest submission details, visit.


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