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As of Saturday, it’s officially summer. By now we hope you’ve settled on both your summer reading list and your writing schedule, and that you’ve also remember to schedule plenty of time outdoors.

Enjoy our usual Friday list of interesting articles for writers.

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Happy reading and writing. Happy summer.

Interesting Articles and Blogs You Might Have Missed

35 Blogging Tips to Woo Readers and Win Business

When you’re ready to take your blog live, these tips might help you.

What Self-Published Authors Need to Know About Taxes
We’re writers first, but we have to be writers who remain aware of our money. Check out these recommendations for treating your writing as a business when taxes are concerned.
How I Got My Literary Agent
A few tips on how 1st time author, Natalia Sylvester, secured a literary agent.  
How to Write Love Triangles from an Omniscient Perspective
Is your current project focused on a messy love triangle? If so, you’ll want to read this blog about how an omniscient narrative voice gives you freedom to explore the triangle from all its sides.
John August’s Tips on Writing Strong Scenes

Screenwriter extraordinaire, John August’s tips were so popular, he’s now updated and shared with his reading public. This link will download a pdf, but document is totally worth your review.

Selling Lots of Books & Why Bright Ideas Can Go Badly (This is really a blog post about structure)

Kristen Lamb tells us that in order to be a successful writer, we have to understand structure, which ultimately helps us become faster, cleaner, better writers.

Since we’re feeling all nostalgic about our summers gone past, here are a few articles from the past that still serve us well:

8 Questions Writers Should Ask Themselves

Roxane Gay with 8 questions any serious writers should ask and answer themselves.

How to Write Poetically & Write Simply

Joe Bunting makes good points about how the best authors write using simple vocabulary, and though they still manage to move us.

The Just-Because Section:

More summer reading recommendations. This time for backpackers:  6 Books for Backpackers
People have been taking this grammar quiz all over the place. If you haven’t yet, give it whirl. See how many grammar rules you remember from grade school:  Can You Catch These Common Grammar Mistakes – A Quiz
And people all over the world are also mesmerized by the World Cup right now.  Why not join them in their madness by responding to this Writer’s Digest prompt:  World Cup Madness Writing Prompt

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