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Welcome to Los Angeles Writers Group. We offer creative writing workshops in Los Angeles and book coaching.

This page lists all our currently scheduled creative writing workshops in Los Angeles and our online workshops, such as the Get Writing Again email course. For one-on-one assistance in writing a book, check out our Private Coaching or our First-Draft Incubator Group, both of which are available online and in person in Los Angeles. 

Los Angeles Writers Group has facilitated creative writing workshops in Los Angeles since 2003. 

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Get Writing Again, an email-based  workshop Our 15-day email-based writing workshop for those of you who want to get back to daily writing practice. Get an email every day with a writing prompt and a coaching step to help you get back on track. Learn more
Sunday Creative Writing Workshops in Los Angeles Get words on the page in our longest-running, generative, Sunday Creative Writing Workshop, where we use writing prompts designed to teach aspects of scene writing, create new, unexpected new works, or bring creativity back into writing. Come any Sunday you’d like. Learn more
First Draft Incubator, a Support Group for Writers The First Draft Incubator combines group and private coaching for a low monthly fee — an affordable and less intensive option than one-on-one Private Coaching. The group meets online twice a month, and every member gets 2 hours of private coaching per month. An excellent choice for writers who want to make slow, steady progress, need check-ins, deadlines, motivation to keep on track, or can’t afford private coaching. Learn more
Creative Writing Coach, Book co Intensive, one-on-one coaching for writers who are serious about completing a draft of a fiction or nonfiction book. Get help with your story structure and scene-writing tools. Includes in person or video conference meetings and feedback on your chapters as you write them. Learn more