Coming Soon – Rock Your Passion Project!


Rock Your Passion Project

LIFT: Rock Your Passion Project

Nicole Criona

Nicole Criona

Entrepreneur Coach Charrise McCrorey

Charrise McCrorey

Announcing our soon-to-launch cooperative coaching program for serious people ready make the move from saying “Someday I want to..” to saying, “Guess what I’m doing?” 

Developmental Editor and Creative Writing Coach Nicole Criona and Heart-Centered Entrepreneur Coach Charrise McCrorey have unearthed a whole new program for those of you who are tired of dreaming of doing something one day and are ready to MAKE IT HAPPEN NOW. What is your dream? Do you dream of writing a book? Starting a business? Living a more creative life? Or getting your life organized?

Get on our first-come-first-served mailing list today and be the first to hear about this new program as soon as it launches on January 1st, 2018. People on our mailing list will get priority registration for the limited number of spots available in this upcoming 3-month program. Get on the mailing list today!

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