Screenwriting Story Structure Workshop

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Arrive with nothing.

Leave with an outline. is pleased to announce our new Saturday Screenwriting & Story Structure Workshop.

Starting from a well-structured story outline makes the writing process go more quickly and effectively. In our newest offering, our Saturday Screenwriting Workshop, you walk in with nothing but a notebook and a pen. You don’t even need to have a story idea yet, and you leave with a bulletproof outline to take home and start writing your story. More importantly, you leave with a thorough knowledge of screenwriting structure and the ability to recreate that kind of structure in All of your screenwriting.

NOT JUST FOR SCREENWRITERS! Story is story and the elements discussed and explained in this workshop – hero, hero’s flaw, opponent, ally, life-changing event, enabling circumstances, jeopardy, are used in narrative fiction and playwriting as well. A grasp of story structure is essential to successful fiction so feel free to join your screenwriting brethren in this eye-opening story workshop.

All writers groups, workshops, and seminars are based around the idea of getting words on the page, and this Saturday Screenwriting Seminar is no different.

Sessions, Meeting Times, and Location

Please see our Workshops Schedule page for date and time. This screenwriting workshop takes place on a single Saturday.

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