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Literary Fiction & Genre Fiction (fantasy, science fiction, mystery, young adult), and Cross Genre

No one can write a novel alone.

You’ve dedicated so much time to your book that, perhaps, it’s hard to see it objectively. It needs a new set of eyes — and I don’t just mean those an editor. My critique and novel editing services will help you see your work with fresh eyes. 

I’m interested in helping writers create the best book they can by telling the most compelling story, motivated by well-developed characters–no matter what genre one is writing it. This can be done by making sure a writer has all the narrative craft tools at their disposal.

Topics we’ll address with Novel Editing Services as we move through your manuscript:

  • Scene – engaging the reader using narrative elements to inhabit the moment and heighten tension.
  • Structure – interrogating how the storytelling structure is informed by and informs the story.
  • Character development – employing all narrative elements to build and reveal character.
  • Plot & conflict – allowing conflict and plot to bubble up organically from well-developed characters and to raise the stakes.
  • Suspense – when and how to reveal information.
  • Dialogue – natural dialogue and other devices to show exchanges between characters.
  • Information dumps – the balance between exposition and scene, backstory and story.
  • Setting – how the setting informs character and how character informs setting.
  • Themes – the bigger questions and where they can reveal themselves in the book.

My style of feedback in my Short Story and Novel Editing Services is rigorous but encouraging. My critiques include margin notes, an editorial letter, and a 1-hour in-person or phone meeting. I won’t rewrite your work for you, but I will offer thoughtful comments and suggestions for revision.

I examine the large and small: from overarching character development, structure, and plot, to how your rhythm, style, and diction works in relation to the content.

As an editor, I have a keen eye and a sensitive ear. Sound matters. I am delighted when I get to help clients write sentences that shine, characters that feel true and relatable, and story arcs that flow. I am proud to have helped colleagues edit their award-winning books including Phil Klay’s Redeployment (winner of the National Book Award), Scott Cheshire’s High as the Horses’ Bridles, and Bill Cheng’s Southern Cross the Dog.

If appropriate, we can also talk about next steps: the publishing process, agents, query letters, and presses where your writing might fit.

Other editing services I offer:

  • Short Story Editing
  • MFA Applications Feedback
  • Magazine Articles and help with submissions
  • Help with Agent Query Letters

If you have yet to complete your draft, check out our First Draft Coach for Writers, Nicole Criona.

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About the Editor: Carmiel Banasky

Carmiel BanaskyCarmiel Banasky is a writer, editor, and teacher from Portland, OR. Her first novel, The Suicide of Claire Bishop, was published in September 2015 (Dzanc Books) to highly positive reviews. Publishers Weekly called it “an intellectual tour de force and a moving reflection on the ways we try to save ourselves and others,” in a starred review. Her work has appeared in Glimmer Train, American Short Fiction, Slice, Guernica, PEN America, The Rumpus, and on NPR, among other places. She earned her MFA from Hunter College, where she taught Undergraduate Creative Writing. She is the recipient of awards and fellowships from Bread Loaf, Ucross, Ragdale, Artist Trust, I-Park, VCCA, and other foundations. She is represented by Donadio & Olson. Carmiel has helped edit award-winning books including Phil Klay’s Redeployment (winner of the National Book Award) and Scott Cheshire’s High as the Horses’ Bridles. After four years on the road at writing residencies, she now teaches at LA Writers Group and UCLA Extension. She is also a mentor for PEN Emerging Voices. Find out more at