Book Editors – Los Angeles Writers Group

If you have a completed draft of a book and would like story editing or copy editing, our book editors work privately with you to help you make your book its best possible version.  Whether you plan to self-publish or want to query agents and go the traditional publishing route, working with a book editor increases your chance for success.  This is especially true if you are planning to self-publish.  At the bare minimum, if you self-publish, you should hire a copy editor AND a proofreader before you self-publish to help ensure the professionalism of your book.

If you have not yet completed a draft, then we have coaches who work with writers who are serious about finishing their project.  You can read more about our coaching services here.

Editorial Services we offer:

  • Story editing or copy editing on:
    • Coaching for writers who have not completed a first draft
    • Editing:
      • Novels, novellas
      • Short story collections
      • Screenplays
      • Literary fiction
      • Memoir
      • Essays or collections of essays
      • Poems
      • Poetry chapbooks

Every project is priced individually and our coaches and editor’s rates vary.  We will go over all this with you during your initial consultation where we figure out if one of our editors is right for you.  If not, we will point you in the right direction.

Schedule your no-cost consultation today.