Fiction & Memoir Writing Workshop – Los Angeles

In this multi-week novel and memoir writing workshop, we’ll delve into beginnings. Each week, we will read one participant’s 25-page beginning of a longer work-in-progress (to be turned in the week prior). We’ll provide feedback on what is working and what can be improved, while recognizing the sensitivity of works-in-progress. We’ll discuss and critique through the lens of craft issues–characterization, plot, point of view, voice, dialogue, scene, and setting–which can be applied to both fiction and memoir. We’ll look at examples from the greats and, if there is time, end on an in-class writing exercise to get us practicing new tools to apply to our own work.

Writers who take this class should be on their way to having a complete first draft of their novel or memoir. (This class is also open to those who wish to work on a longer short-story or novella.) Writers will be expected to read 25 pages of another participant’s material (plus a half-page synopsis of the book) per week to prepare for the workshop and discussion.
The goal is to leave this workshop with a strong beginning that will propel you and your readers all the way to the end of your book. You’ll come away with lessons that can be applied to the rest of your work, discovering how a writer teaches an audience how to read a book, guiding them over the threshold into a new world.

In this 8-week Novel and Memoir Workshop, you will:

  • Receive personalized help on your project in a small, intimate setting
  • Learn how to hook a reader with your opening sentences.
  • Practice tools to introduce your characters in a way that will be memorable to a reader.
  • Learn how to choose and stick with a narrative voice.
  • Discover ways to introduce conflict and story arc right up front.
  • Learn how to strengthen your prose.
  • Find new ways of thinking about structure and other elements that will be of service to your story as a whole.

This workshop is closed.